QAR to MAD Currency Converter

1 QAR =
2.78011 MAD

QAR Overview

The Qatari Riyal is the currency of Qatar. The currency code for Qatari Riyal is QAR, as well as the ISO code, is "634", and the currency symbol is ر.ق, QR. The Coins of Qatar are (25 dirhams, 5 dirhams, 1 dirham, 50 dirhams, 10 dirhams) and Banknotes are (10 riyals, 1 riyal, 5 riyals, 50 riyals, 500 riyals, 100 riyals). The central bank of Qatar is called the "Qatar Central Bank".

MAD Overview

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of Morocco. The currency code for Moroccan Dirham is MAD, as well as the ISO code, is "504", and the currency symbol is MAD. The Coins of Morocco are (2 dirhams, 1 santimat, 5 dirhams, 1 dirham, ½ dirhams, 20 santimat, 5 santimat, 10 dirhams, 10 santimat) and Banknotes are (100 dirhams, 200 dirhams, 50 dirhams, 20 dirhams). The central bank of Morocco is called the "Bank Al Maghrib".


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All QAR and MAD Currency Pairs

Convert QAR to MAD

1 QAR 2.78011 MAD
5 QAR 13.90055 MAD
10 QAR 27.8011 MAD
25 QAR 69.50275 MAD
50 QAR 139.0055 MAD
100 QAR 278.011 MAD
250 QAR 695.0275 MAD
500 QAR 1390.055 MAD
1000 QAR 2780.11 MAD
2000 QAR 5560.22 MAD
5000 QAR 13900.55 MAD
10000 QAR 27801.1 MAD

Convert MAD to QAR

1 MAD 0.3597 QAR
5 MAD 1.7985 QAR
10 MAD 3.597 QAR
25 MAD 8.9925 QAR
50 MAD 17.985 QAR
100 MAD 35.97 QAR
250 MAD 89.925 QAR
500 MAD 179.85 QAR
1000 MAD 359.7 QAR
2000 MAD 719.4 QAR
5000 MAD 1798.5 QAR
10000 MAD 3597 QAR