SVC to TRY Currency Converter

1 SVC =
3.55758 TRY

SVC Overview

The Salvadoran Colon is the currency of El Salvador. The currency code for Salvadoran Colon is SVC, as well as the ISO code, is "222", and the currency symbol is ₡. The Coins of El Salvador are (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, 1, 5 colón) and Banknotes are (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 colones). The central bank of El Salvador is called the "Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador".

TRY Overview

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Turkish lira is TRY, as well as the ISO code, is "949", and the currency symbol is ₺. The Coins of Turkey are (5kr, ₺1, 25kr, 50kr, 10kr) and Banknotes are (₺20, ₺5, ₺100, ₺50, ₺10, ₺200). The central bank of Turkey is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey".


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All SVC and TRY Currency Pairs

Convert SVC to TRY

1 SVC 3.55758 TRY
5 SVC 17.7879 TRY
10 SVC 35.5758 TRY
25 SVC 88.9395 TRY
50 SVC 177.879 TRY
100 SVC 355.758 TRY
250 SVC 889.395 TRY
500 SVC 1778.79 TRY
1000 SVC 3557.58 TRY
2000 SVC 7115.16 TRY
5000 SVC 17787.9 TRY
10000 SVC 35575.8 TRY

Convert TRY to SVC

1 TRY 0.28109 SVC
5 TRY 1.40545 SVC
10 TRY 2.8109 SVC
25 TRY 7.02725 SVC
50 TRY 14.0545 SVC
100 TRY 28.109 SVC
250 TRY 70.2725 SVC
500 TRY 140.545 SVC
1000 TRY 281.09 SVC
2000 TRY 562.18 SVC
5000 TRY 1405.45 SVC
10000 TRY 2810.9 SVC