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1 ARS =
0.66291 ALL

ARS Overview

The Argentine Peso is the currency of Argentina. The currency code for Argentine Peso is ARS, as well as the ISO code, is "32", and the currency symbol is $. The Coins of Argentina are (1 peso, 10 centavos, 5 centavos, 2 pesos, 25 centavos, 50 centavos) and Banknotes are (200 pesos, 5 pesos, 100 pesos, 50 pesos, 20 pesos, 1000 pesos, 10 pesos, 2 pesos, 500 pesos). The central bank of Argentina is called the "Central Bank of Argentina".

ALL Overview

The Albanian Lek is the currency of Albania. The currency code for Albanian Lek is ALL, as well as the ISO code, is "8", and the currency symbol is L. The Coins of Albania are (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 100 L) and Banknotes are (200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L). The central bank of Albania is called the "Bank of Albania".


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All ARS and ALL Currency Pairs

Convert ARS to ALL

1 ARS 0.66291 ALL
5 ARS 3.31455 ALL
10 ARS 6.6291 ALL
25 ARS 16.57275 ALL
50 ARS 33.1455 ALL
100 ARS 66.291 ALL
250 ARS 165.7275 ALL
500 ARS 331.455 ALL
1000 ARS 662.91 ALL
2000 ARS 1325.82 ALL
5000 ARS 3314.55 ALL
10000 ARS 6629.1 ALL

Convert ALL to ARS

1 ALL 1.50849 ARS
5 ALL 7.54245 ARS
10 ALL 15.0849 ARS
25 ALL 37.71225 ARS
50 ALL 75.4245 ARS
100 ALL 150.849 ARS
250 ALL 377.1225 ARS
500 ALL 754.245 ARS
1000 ALL 1508.49 ARS
2000 ALL 3016.98 ARS
5000 ALL 7542.45 ARS
10000 ALL 15084.9 ARS