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1 GNF =
0.0109 ALL

GNF Overview

The Guinean Franc is the currency of Guinea. The currency code for Guinean Franc is GNF, as well as the ISO code, is "324", and the currency symbol is FG, Fr, GFr. The Coins of Guinea are (25 francs, 5 francs, 50 francs, 10 francs, 1 franc) and Banknotes are (20000 francs, 500 francs, 5000 francs, 10000 francs, 1000 francs, 100 francs). The central bank of Guinea is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea".

ALL Overview

The Albanian Lek is the currency of Albania. The currency code for Albanian Lek is ALL, as well as the ISO code, is "8", and the currency symbol is L. The Coins of Albania are (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 100 L) and Banknotes are (200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L). The central bank of Albania is called the "Bank of Albania".


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All GNF and ALL Currency Pairs

Convert GNF to ALL

1 GNF 0.0109 ALL
5 GNF 0.0545 ALL
10 GNF 0.109 ALL
25 GNF 0.2725 ALL
50 GNF 0.545 ALL
100 GNF 1.09 ALL
250 GNF 2.725 ALL
500 GNF 5.45 ALL
1000 GNF 10.9 ALL
2000 GNF 21.8 ALL
5000 GNF 54.5 ALL
10000 GNF 109 ALL

Convert ALL to GNF

1 ALL 91.7382 GNF
5 ALL 458.691 GNF
10 ALL 917.382 GNF
25 ALL 2293.455 GNF
50 ALL 4586.91 GNF
100 ALL 9173.82 GNF
250 ALL 22934.55 GNF
500 ALL 45869.1 GNF
1000 ALL 91738.2 GNF
2000 ALL 183476.4 GNF
5000 ALL 458691 GNF
10000 ALL 917382 GNF