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1 PKR =
0.081 TRY

PKR Overview

The Pakistani Rupee is the currency of Pakistan. The currency code for Pakistani Rupee is PKR, as well as the ISO code, is "586", and the currency symbol is ₨. The Coins of Pakistan are (Indian 2-rupee coin, 1 Rupee, 10 Rupees, 5 Rupees) and Banknotes are (10 Rupees, 1000 Rupees, 20 Rupees, 500 Rupees, 50 Rupees, 100 Rupees). The central bank of Pakistan is called the "State Bank of Pakistan".

TRY Overview

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Turkish lira is TRY, as well as the ISO code, is "949", and the currency symbol is ₺. The Coins of Turkey are (5kr, ₺1, 25kr, 50kr, 10kr) and Banknotes are (₺20, ₺5, ₺100, ₺50, ₺10, ₺200). The central bank of Turkey is called the "Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey".


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All PKR and TRY Currency Pairs

Convert PKR to TRY

1 PKR 0.081 TRY
5 PKR 0.405 TRY
10 PKR 0.81 TRY
25 PKR 2.025 TRY
50 PKR 4.05 TRY
100 PKR 8.1 TRY
250 PKR 20.25 TRY
500 PKR 40.5 TRY
1000 PKR 81 TRY
2000 PKR 162 TRY
5000 PKR 405 TRY
10000 PKR 810 TRY

Convert TRY to PKR

1 TRY 12.343 PKR
5 TRY 61.715 PKR
10 TRY 123.43 PKR
25 TRY 308.575 PKR
50 TRY 617.15 PKR
100 TRY 1234.3 PKR
250 TRY 3085.75 PKR
500 TRY 6171.5 PKR
1000 TRY 12343 PKR
2000 TRY 24686 PKR
5000 TRY 61715 PKR
10000 TRY 123430 PKR